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Moonrocks (1/8oz)

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Moon Rocks Strain has Highest Percentage of Delta 8 THC

With the highest percentage of Delta 8 of any product available at over 35%, Moon Rocks is made for experienced cannabis users or people who need higher doses of THC to feel relief.

The kief-covered buds have a pine-sap stickiness and pleasant, chocolate-coffee aroma. Breaking open one of these Moon Rock nugs reveals a darker green color and bulky bud structure. The taste is a flavorful, earthy and fruit mixture that is closer to true cannabis than hemp.

Delta 8 Moon Rocks produces intense body effects that hit within five minutes of inhalation and grow slowly for a quarter hour. At the same time, psychoactive effects boost mood and add an upbeat feel to accompany the slow unwinding of the body. 

Moon Rocks Delta 8 is Most Potent D8 Hemp Flower Strain - 35.8% Delta-8 THC

The nugs themselves are as potent as Delta 8 hemp flower gets, with more than 50% of the plant made up of active ingredients. Moon Rocks averages 35.8% Delta 8 THC — much higher than the amount in a typical Delta 8 flower — and is balanced out by generous servings of CBG, CBD, and terpenes that help to strengthen and complement the bud.

The psychoactive effects make it a rare product that energizes the mind while relaxing the body, and as a result many people use Moon Rocks to simply enjoy themselves. This is a product that works equally well in the day or evening, providing enjoyment, comfort, and relief whenever needed.

What are Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks is the name given to cannabis buds that are soaked in a distillate containing CBD or THC, then rolled in a powder of cannabinoid-heavy kief. In other words, Moon Rocks is a way of combining two or more strains of cannabis into one product that produces powerful and multi-pronged effects.

How are Moon Rocks with Delta 8 THC Made?

While the true story behind Moon Rocks may never be known, it’s clear that it originated in California in the 1970s as a way to use leftover kief and strengthen the power of low-quality cannabis.

Since then, the methods for making Moon Rocks have evolved into a more thoughtful process that doesn’t simply make a Frankenstein’s monster of stitched-together buds. Today’s Moon Rocks have greater concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids like CBG and CBD to complement the effects of the base strain and distillate.

In the case of this product, the process begins with an organic, greenhouse-grown Delta 8 flower that is hand-trimmed at peak maturity. The buds are then soaked in a distillate with of Delta 8 Diesel terpenes, which infuse into the plant while coating the leaves with a sticky outer layer. The distillate-coated Delta 8 nugs are then rolled in a powdery kief of CBG and CBD flower to create the rocky looking top coat and add a third source of cannabinoids to the product.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

Despite what you may have heard, Moon Rocks is best smoked through glass pipeswith medium or large shafts.

The distillate that binds the kief to the flower can cause problems when rolled into a joint or blunt and keep it from staying lit. Some users get around this by combining Moon Rocks with a generous helping of CBG or CBD flower that burns better. It’s also best to avoid thin pipes because the heated distillate can clog narrow passageways. Many enthusiasts insist that bongs are the best way to consume Moon Rocks.

Step 1: Break Up Single Nug

The first step in smoking Moon Rocks is to break up a single nug into small chunks. It’s best to do this with a knife or your hands instead of using a grinder. Because Moon Rocks are dusted with a powdery kief, crushing the bud up in a grinder produces a big mess, and its sap-like stickiness makes it hard to work with.

 Step 2: Place Small Portion of Broken Up Moon Rock in Bowl

Once you’ve cut or broken up a Moon Rock nug, take a small portion place it loosely in the bowl of a glass pipe or bong. (Note: If you plan on combining Moon Rocks with a CBG or CBD flower, be sure to add it in first — and again, pack it loosely — before placing a Moon Rock chunk on top of it.)

Step 3: Light Delta 8 Moon Rocks Slowly

Light the Moon Rocks with slowly with a soft flame (not a torch) and inhale slowly. If you’re using a regular pipe, angle it slightly away from yourself as you inhale to prevent clogging.

After Smoking Directions

The Moon Rock nug may begin to bubble and melt during smoking. This is normal. Just be sure not to touch it after it’s been lit because it will stick to you and make for an unpleasant sensation.

The sticky distillate often produces big clouds, so be prepared for a big exhale.

Once you’ve inhaled enough, let a slow exhale. And be prepared to cough. The first hit can be a surprise to users who have never tried a Moon Rocks product before.

Moon Rocks Get You High

Most importantly: Be careful! Delta 8 THC produces a milder, gentler high than Delta 9, but the psychoactive effects can still overpower users to take too much. Because Moon Rocks has such a high concentration of Delta 8 THC, it’s best to start with a very small amount and wait 20-30 minutes before trying more.

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