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Lifter Delta 8 Flower 10x (1/8 oz)

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Our hybrid Lifter flower is born and bred out of North Carolina and is a crossover of Indica and Sativa cannabis strains. If you’re headed out for a social gathering or chilling at home, Lifter can both sedate and help ease your anxiety in a crowd.

Yep, it’s the best of both worlds!

Delta 8 Lifter flower has remarkable trichome production that covers the bold green and gold buds, making it a true beauty and a flavor magpie. 

Pungent, fruity, and sweet, Lifter flower is a daytime favorite among cannabis users, with hints of citrus and blueberry, plus a delectable funk that marks it potent.

Lifter Flavor Profile consists of:

  • Cheese Aroma

  • Fuel

  • Peppery

  • Minty

  • Heavily Herbal

Its “lifting” qualities perk you right up with peace and calmness to your busy mind and a pep in your step at the same time. It’s incredibly well balanced for that boost you’re looking for and a taste palette that will make your tongue zing! The addition of Delta 8 THC to Lifter shoots this bad boy right up there for a full-body effect that keeps you going, rather than hitting that couchlock. 


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