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 Effective March 1st, 2023 Our retail location in Toledo will be closed!

Place your orders online and we will be shipping orders out daily!

Thank you to everyone who shopped in our retail store,

we love and appreciate you all! 

-The CannaLife Team

Delta 8 Topicals

          Benefit's of D8 Topical's

There are many benefits of D8 THC topicals when compared to other types of treatment.

For instance, if you are suffering from aches and pains, taking painkillers too often can cause issues with your kidneys or other harmful side effects.

Our topical brands will not do this.

They are a safe way to treat aches and pains, and have anti-bacterial properties as well as being anti-inflammatory.

THC ointments and creams won’t make you high or give any psychoactive effects, they will purely be used to treat pain, infection, and inflammations.


*You will NOT feel any psychoactive effects from topicals because it never enter's your blood stream. 


Do Delta 8 Creams actually work?


Delta 8 creams or topicals are incredibly effective. Many people, especially athletes and those that live active lifestyles, swear by them.




What are the best ways to use Delta 8 creams and topicals?


Delta 8 creams and topicals are the ideal products for athletes, people who work out, and anyone else who needs a good cream or topical to take care of their skin. We recommend that you put just a dollop on your fingers and rub in a circular motion on your skin. You can use our CBD creams and topicals as needed throughout the day.

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