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Delta 8 Gummies


Looking for a tasty and convenient way to experience Delta-8 THC?

Look no further than Delta-8 gummies!

These delicious treats have the exact amount of D8 you need to experience a euphoric body high that leaves you comforted, clear-minded, and inspired.





So how many gummies should you eat? This depends entirely on how often you take Delta-8 THC and your personal needs, metabolism, and more.


1 – 10 mg d8
This is a lower dosage that’s perfect for first-time Delta-8 THC consumers as well as micro-dosing. The euphoric effects will be very minimal, but you’ll still experience mild relief when it comes to physical discomfort and anxious feelings.


10 – 20 mg d8
At this dose, you’ll experience mild euphoria. It’s a great amount for people that are a bit more used to Delta-8 THC and need a boost for an upcoming social engagement or to help regulate their sleep schedule. You’ll notice that you’re more engaged and creative, as well as clear-minded.


20 – 30 mg d8
You can experience cerebral and physical euphoria with this dosage. Experienced Delta-8 THC users with a tolerance can enjoy this amount comfortably. This is about one gummy’s worth of Delta-8 THC.


30 – 50 mg d8
Looking to take two gummies? This amount of Delta-8 THC will produce strong euphoric and psychoactive effects. Expect physical discomfort to slip away, leaving you relaxed and comforted. But you may also experience hunger and other side effects of being “high.” Any amount above this is usually reserved for people with severe conditions or very high tolerance.






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