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 Effective March 1st, 2023 Our retail location in Toledo will be closed!

Place your orders online and we will be shipping orders out daily!

Thank you to everyone who shopped in our retail store,

we love and appreciate you all! 

-The CannaLife Team

Premium Delta 8 Flower

100% organic, non-gmo THC distillate is extracted from all-natural hemp and free of any additives or chemicals. 


Lab certified and tested for purity


We have our grower's customize our flower into different strengths to give you 22%-28% THC potency depending on the strain:


10X = 100 grams 

15x = 150 grams

*grams of distillate coated on a pound of 100% organic hemp flower

(some batches may be kief covered, also improving potency) 





Will Delta 8 Infused Flowers Get You High?
Yes, Delta 8 THC flowers are said to offer a smooth, functional and pleasant high.


The beauty of the Delta 8 flower form is that you can enjoy all the benefits of improved sleep, elevated mood, and sometimes an energy boost—

without an intense, paranoid, overwhelming feeling.


Delta 8 Flower & Moon Rocks

4 For $40

2g House Pre Rolls


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