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 Effective March 1st, 2023 Our retail location in Toledo will be closed!

Place your orders online and we will be shipping orders out daily!

Thank you to everyone who shopped in our retail store,

we love and appreciate you all! 

-The CannaLife Team

Our amazing D8 THC concentrates in a variety of different terpene strains below.

These highly potent concentrates with such a high degree of purity pack a punch.

The unique ability to combine pure Delta 8 THC with a customized all natural cannabis blend of terpenes is a

one-of-a-kind way of getting high

Delta 8 Concentrates and Oil's

Diamond Sauce is one of the strongest concentrates in the world with a high THC content of 97-99%.

Heat your nail and let it cool for a few seconds before enjoying your diamond dabs!

Dabbing THCA diamonds creates a rich experience unlike any other.

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