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Alibi THC-O Tincture Oil - 1500MG

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Product Info

If you’re still using those weak cannabinoids and avoiding THC-O, then what’s your Alibi? With Alibi THC-O Tincture Oil, you get the world’s most potent, most powerful hemp-derived cannabinoid in a tincture oil that goes with anything. It’s 1500mg of pure delight put into a few drops of oil that will change your life. Forget about those other cannabinoids — it’s time to get your story straight and start using the one hemp-derived compound that’s going places. Alibi THC-O Tincture Oil in 1500mg is the best feeling of them all. 

What is THCO? THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate, an analog of THC — in this case, Delta-8 THC. While THCO is made through a specialized process, this hot new compound also uses an all-natural process to ensure a clean, smooth effect. In fact, THCO has been around for decades, helping people reach new heights and be above the clouds. So if you’re looking to take your mind to all-new worlds, well then, you need an Alibi.

Alibi THC-O Tincture Oil is 1500mg of pure blissful delight. Each drop is roughly 2.5mg of  power — but be sure to dose carefully. This isn’t your typical cannabinoid. We recommend placing two drops in your favorite food or beverage or, if you’re courageous, under your tongue. Just make sure you have your story together at the end of the night. When they come looking for you, you’re going to need an Alibi.

It’s time to start enjoying. There’s no need to hide anymore when you have an Alibi. Alibi THC-O Tincture Oil in 1500mg is pure, unadulterated THCO, made fresh with no carcinogens and non-Vitamin E Acetate whatsoever. It’s a smooth experience that takes you to the next level. So when they ask you where you were last night, tell them you have an Alibi.

Key Facts

Total Strength


Strength Per drop


Total Units

600 drops



Total THCO


THCO Per drop



Hemp extract, MCT oil.

Dosage Table

Mg of CBD per bottle

Mg of CBD per drop



15ml bottle

30ml bottle

50 mg

0.17 mg

0.08 mg

250 mg

0.83 mg

0.42 mg

350 mg

1.17 mg

0.58 mg

450 mg

1.50 mg

0.75 mg

500 mg

1.67 mg

0.83 mg

550 mg

1.83 mg

0.92 mg

750 mg

2.50 mg

1.25 mg

1000 mg

3.33 mg

1.67 mg

1500 mg

5.00 mg

2.50 mg

2500 mg

8.33 mg

4.16 mg

3500 mg

11.66 mg

5.83 mg

Measured in mg per drop**

This table represents how many mg of CBD per drop are approximately included in the product. Please check this table before purchasing.

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